Patrick E.C. Merlevede, Msc is an international expert on Human resources management, specialized in emotional intelligence in the workspace. As entrepreneur he is leading and Pinehurst Estates.

jobEQ: HR Software solutions : 7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence Training & Consulting



This page categorizes the websites of several initiatives started by Patrick E.C. Merlevede, MSc.

HRM Solutions
  • jobEQ: Methodology & Software
    • iWAM:inventory for Work Attitude & Motivation
    • VSQ: Value Systems Questionaire
    • COMET: Competence Methodology Techniques
  • Acknowledge: Training & Consulting
    • Basic recruiting training
    • Hire for Attitude
    • Competence Based Recruiting
    • Coach for Performance
Skills Development
Real Estate
  • Pinehurst Estates: Giving the Past a Future: Living and Working in Historical Buildings
    • Pinehurst Manor
    • The Convent
More to read
Next to the book "7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence",
Patrick Merlevede also made the following resources available:
"7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence",
Patrick Merlevede

The book was originally written in Dutch by Patrick Merlevede & Rudy Vandamme. Denis Bridoux joined us for the expanded English version. The English reworked translation of the book appeared in January 2001.

Want to read more?

The reworked English version of my book "7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence" is now available!

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In het Nederlands: Lees "7 Lessen in Emotionele Intelligentie"
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