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<this page is a beta-version - we plan to launch this venue officially by December 1999>

The room can be visited at all times. It is available for having a chat with others interested in Emotional Intelligence and it ill even be used for formal training. If the room is "empty" the first person going to Hearme.com will "re-create" the room. Since we never know when someone is planning to visit us on-line, we will hold workshops regularly at this venue. For more information, keep reading the 7EQ Newsletter (it's FREE) or e-mail us at info@7EQ.com. If you feel like holding a demo-workshop at this venue, you're wellcome - just ask!

First time user instructions:
If you have never been at Hearme.com, they will ask you to download their software and create an FREE account with them. Once you are a Hearme-member, please fill out your profiling information.

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